For a happier, healthier pet

We can help you support your cat or dog’s health concerns and disease, through therapeutic recipes, personalised diet plans, and innovative supplements.

How can we help?

Problem specific recipes

Developed for specialised concerns including digestion, arthritis, liver and kidney disease. All formulated to FEDIAF guidelines.

Staying healthy

Keep your pet fit and healthy with our balanced, wholefood recipes, for healthy cats and dogs, as well as raw feeding guides for dogs and a healthy eating guide for puppies.


Our nutritional and veterinary experts will develop a personalised plan to transform and support your pet’s health and happiness.

Experts in pet nutrition

We’re a team of highly qualified pet nutrition and veterinary professionals. With over 75 years’ experience between us, we know how to transform your pet’s health through diet and nutrition. We regularly work alongside veterinarians, following naturopathic and clinical principles to deliver the best health outcomes for each furry friend.

What our customers say

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Supplements from My Pet Nutritionist

Our specially formulated supplements are a great addition to help maintain your pet’s digestive health alongside a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

On Demand Webinars

Our online webinar series provides in-depth knowledge to help support
your pets health, covering common issues and specialist topics.